BLANTON’S Black Label Single Barrel


Beverage type: Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol Level: 40%
Product Origin: Kentucky Whiskey
Expert Rating: 91
Tastes like: Soft, Wood, Sweet, Butter

 BLANTON’S Black Label Single Barrel


BLANTON’S Black Label Single Barrel  was produced exclusively for the Japanese export market at 80 proof, Blanton’s Black Label is one of the rarest bourbon whiskeys in the world. Remarkably similar to the green-labeled Special Reserve, the main difference is an 8-year minimum aged barrel selection process (as opposed to the standard 6), which produces a more complex, robust, and refined tasting experience. Like the Takara Red edition, the Black Label is a statement piece for any serious collector and a must-try for any keen Blanton’s enthusiast.

Blanton’s Black and Red are distilled in Kentucky with the rest of the Blanton’s labels, but only distributed to the Japanese market. Even in Japan these two are harder to find. Blanton’s Black comes with a minimum of 8 years aged, the mash bill on this bourbon is Buffalo Trace’s mash bill #2, which has the higher rye content.
The nose on this bourbon is stunning. Floral notes with cherry and apple on the front, with caramel, vanilla, and oak on the back end.
The taste is smooth. A very easy drinker. Little to no burn on the tongue. Fruit and sweet on the front of the tongue make way for the oak of the 8 year aged juice. The oak is not overpowering, but it’s definitely noticeable.
The finish on this bottle was medium at best. It doesn’t linger. It’s tasty and makes a great sipping drink.

Blanton’s Single Barrel is normally 6 to 8-year-old bourbon, aged in Warehouse H at Buffalo Trace in the metal-clad warehouse at the distillery. The metal, transfers heat quicker than brick warehouses, allowing for faster aging.

This Single Cask Blanton’s is a 2020 bottling, dumped on the 2nd December 2020 and matured in barrel #1. It was matured in Warehouse H and was stored in rick number 37 and bottled at 80 US proof.


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