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Beverage type: Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol Level: 51.5%
Product Origin: Kentucky Whiskey
Expert Rating: 90
Tastes like: Floral, Toffee, Dry, Oak

BLANTON’S Gold Edition is exceptionally smooth and luxuriously rich, Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon is a must-have for any serious collector and a single barrel that truly deserves its ‘gold edition’ status. Chill-filtered, aged in a single white oak barrel, and then dried for 6-months, the Gold Edition produces vibrant hints of citrus, beautifully complemented by subdued oak, dark fudge, and cream notes. Never blended at any point during its aging process, this super-premium bourbon whiskey matures in the finest barrels handpicked by the Master Distiller, with the resulting product nothing less than divine.

Blanton’s Gold Edition was created for discerning bourbon aficionados who appreciate exceptional smoothness and complexity in their bourbon whiskey. The nose is first marked by spicy rye and tobacco notes.  Caramel and honey follow soon after, mingled with dark fruit and citrus notes. The palate emulates the same complex nose with rye, tobacco, and honey at the forefront. Round and bold notes of charred oak and vanilla carry you through to an extremely long and harmonious finish. This bourbon consistently delivers on balance and character, on par with the world’s finest whiskey. Best served neat or with a splash of water. Bottled at 51.5% alcohol by volume.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest bourbons on the planet, Blanton’s Gold is hand-bottled from the best casks at the distillery. Profoundly full-flavoured.

Developed as a bourbon for fans of exceptional smoothness and a clean finish to their whiskey Blanton’s Gold Edition is chill filtered, aged in a single white oak barrel and dried for 6 months to achieve its exceptional combination of citrus, oak, dark fudge and cream notes. Never blended with other bourbon during its aging process, and periodically sampled by the Master Distiller to confirm the finest barrels, which are left to mature far longer than the average bourbon, the result is this ‘super premium’ whiskey with the most individual expression.


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