Beverage type: Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol Level: 45%
Product Origin: USA
Expert Rating: 94
Tastes like: Cherry, Oak, Wood, Dry




ELIJAH CRAIG 23 Year ,from Heaven Hill, the country’s largest independent family-owned distillery, Elijah Craig 23 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon is the most mature in the Single Barrel bourbon collection. At 23, it’s is quite an advanced age for a bourbon, and with over 20 years of aging on the highest floors of the rickhouse, runs the risk of becoming too woody or tannic with its exposure to heat. This bourbon, however, manages to avoid this fate, offering an exceptional balance of flavors, taking you on a journey of discovery that will only motivate you try the entire line.

Elijah Craig 23year old 90 Proof – BRAND NEW & RARE ULTRA PREMIUM – LIMITED EDITION Elijah Craig 23 year old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from America’s largest independent and family owned distillery, Heaven Hill. This whiskey has aged in their “extra-aged” barrels which have been carefully stored mid-floor keeping the temperature fluctuations stable over many, many years. Yes, that is right. 23 Years. Bourbon tends to be aged for 7 or 8 years, sitting patiently in its barrel. However, this is Elijah Craig senior, the patriarchal Granddaddy. Silver-haired, he has slowly matured, harvesting only what’s needed from his surroundings. He has tenderly infused his worldly wisdom. This drink has tales to tell. He speaks to you softly of his time spent in the lumberyard, his feet deep in sawdust. The nose is masculine and woody, with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. He may be an old boy, but his body defies his years and is lively still. After you swallow, his maturity dominates the palate as he holds you close, reminiscing with you as you sit quietly by, lost in stories of years gone by. Each bottle of Elijah Craig 23 Year Old has hand written on the back label its specific barrel number and its “barreled on” date.


This nose is best described as woody, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since it’s been sitting in the barrel for 23 years. Deep notes of mahogany are up front and present upon first smelling this bourbon. Hiding behind the mahogany are light traces of grain and dried fruit, predominantly dried cherry. While very pleasant, the nose is much more subtle than prior editions of high aged Elijah Craig. It just didn’t hold my attention as much as some of the others.


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